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Redwood City International

Redwood City International is a nonprofit organization promoting sister-city relationships between Redwood City, CA and Zhuhai, PRC and Colima, MX.  Activities include hosting sister-city delegations, interns and other visitors; promoting international understanding as a member of Sister-City International; advancing cultural awareness in Redwood City’s sphere of influence; and visiting China and Mexico as ambassadors from Redwood City.

In 1990, a group of local residents partnered with Redwood City to form Redwood City International.  Funds to operate the organization are raised through individual, business and nonprofit memberships with additional support from the City of Redwood City. As a result of early business ties between the Port of Zhuhai, China, and the Port of Redwood City, a sister-port relationship had existed since the 1980s.  .

In 1993, with the unanimous approval of the City Council, Zhuhai became Redwood City’s first sister-city. With the success of one sister-city relationship, RCI members began pursuing a sister-city in Mexico, the original home of many residents of Redwood City.  Following a series of forums with community members to determine guidelines, a search was begun.  In 1998, RCI signed a second sister-city agreement with the city of Colima, Mexico.  Activities between RCI and its two sister-cities continue to provide a strong cultural and educational bond for all participants.

Joining Redwood City International provides members opportunities to:

1.Develop relationships with people from other cultures and learn first-hand how they live and work.

2.Participate in art and cultural exchanges.

3.Help develop trade/business opportunities.

4.Share information on education, government, health care, sports, etc.

5.Have the opportunity to travel as a delegate to China and Mexico.



President: Warren Dale <>

Ø  Board of Directors, Officers:

o   President:  Warren Dale

o   President Elect:  Shawn White

o   Secretary:  Kevin Bondonno

o   Treasurer:  Lilia Ledezma

o   Past President:  Barbara Pierce

Ø  Board of Directors, Directors At Large:

o   Alicia Aguirre

o   Andy Frisch

o   Mike Giari

o   Don Gibson

o   Connie Guerrero

o   Diane Howard

o   Georgi La Berge

o   Moon Lim

o   Speer McClellan

o   Connie Paniagua

o   Mario Raddavero

o   Paula Uccelli

o   William Warhurst


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See the book of the 1983 visit to Zuhai by RCI (created by Anita Leplin - WOW!!)